People ask me from time to time why I have stayed in the Quincy community all of these years?  It’s simple. I like it here. Oh there are times when I am ready to pack it up and head to my favorite beach in Florida, but things like what took place in Quincy Friday make me wonder if there is any better place than right here. What happened Friday?

“Spare Change for Real Change” for Special Olympics Illinois was held statewide on Friday, July 20th which marked the 44th anniversary of the beginning of Special Olympics.  Locally, Quincy Police Department personnel and volunteers from the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association were at the intersections of 18th and State and 24th and Harrison on Friday from 7:00-8:30 a.m. and again from 4:00-5:30 p.m. collecting money for Special Olympics Illinois.

Some $6,000.00 was raised Friday in only three hours!  The Special Olympic, the Quincy Police Department, and the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association wanted to thank everyone for their generosity and support. It’s events like Friday’s collection that make this community special. This time it was for Special Olympics, next time it will be for some other cause. People in this area genuinely care for each other and that was evident Friday. I’d bet the farm (if I owned one) Friday that those who donated probably don’t even know one local Special Olympian, yet there they were donating Friday. You won’t see that in too many areas of our country.  Be glad you live in one of those areas. I am.