Quincy lost one of its finest citizens yesterday with the passing of Lee Osborn at the age of 82.

Prior to coming over to Townsquare Media this year, I spent the past seven years working at Quincy University. And when you spend that much time on campus or at sporting events, you can be sure that you’ll run into Lee pretty frequently. I’d see him in his brown QU hat in the bleachers at basketball or football games. I’d see "Coach Oz" instructing his beloved cross country team in the school’s main parking lot. Or I’d see him strolling Penny Lane greeting and making conversation with everyone with whom he crossed paths.

And as he did with so many of us, the lifelong Cubs fan would tease me mercilessly (and all in good fun) about my Cardinals. If I wore a blue shirt one day, I’d most certainly be setting myself up for something like “Hey, nice Cubs colors, Ben!” And what can I say? I loved it. I haven’t chatted with him lately, but I’m sure there are plenty of Redbird supporters in town who took some of Lee’s cheerful static this year.

If you follow Lee on Facebook, it’s pretty clear how much he cared for all of his friends (and he had a lot). In between Cubs news, inspirational quotes, and shared joke memes just funny enough to brighten your day, he would always share pictures and updates from people around town that I like to think brought a smile to his face. I imagine this was his little way of saying “I’m proud of you”.

So I extend my sincerest condolences to Lee’s family and friends. He was a great man and he’ll be missed.

And I know you’d let me have it for even suggesting such a thing, but what the heck…

Go Cubs!