I was in my hometown of Pittsfield, IL, yesterday and went by the Dari Ripple.

Excuse me if I brag on my hometown, but if you want some great ice cream treats, the Dari Ripple is the place to go in Pittsfield.

It is on the corner of  South Madison and Fayette Streets. But I must talk with you about the seating. There is none. Well wait, they do have a green picnic table you can lean on. But other than that, it is just a parking lot where the cars can drive right up, get out of the car and get the goods. And that is what makes the Dari Ripple so unique. It becomes a meeting place with cars right on the corner driveway. People get the ice cream from the "hut" and then talk about what is going on around town or what the kids are up to. It is THE place to be on a summers night.

When you are in Pittsfield, stop by and get the flavor of the day. I want to be there now.