I recently made the move I said I would never make. I went from my flip phone to the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III. It was like going from the 1950's to 2020.

One minute I am flipping my phone to answer it, now I'm swiping it to get the call. My God, there are so many options! I can even launch the space shuttle with my new phone!

The real reason I bought the phone was to be able to Skype with my grand kids.That part has been fun and makes the purchase well worth it. I did have to eat some crow with the purchase though. I, for years, have told my Smart Phone owning friends that I didn't need a Smart Phone as long as I was smarter than the phone.

So the day I answered my new phone in front of them I took so much guff. How much guff did I take? I asked my Smart Phone for the amount but guess what? It didn't know. I already new it was "tons."

I told you I was smarter than the Smart Phone, even though I now own one.