David Letterman has announced he will retire in 2015.

During his run, Dave made me laugh and Dave made me mad. I liked the early Letterman and the middle years of Letterman. Not so much the now Letterman. I will miss him on air, but In the last few years he has gone down hill to me. He has had his very funny moments and a few not so funny moments.


I used to watch David Letterman, and even "taped" him in the old days, and watched the show later. I still think I have some VHS tapes with him in my closet which I do plan on watching, as soon as I can find a VCR machine to play them on!

I loved the music segments on the show. Dave would always have very good music guests, and he would introduce us to brand new bands. I enjoyed watching Biff Henderson. Dave would always make Biff the goofy guy. And, of course, I loved the legendary Top Ten lists.

As I write this, Dave will be retiring in a year. Who will take his place? Nobody knows as of yet but watch him in the next year, before he retires. I bet he will be on fire every night doing some of the best comedy ever. I will get my VCR cleaned just in case.