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When Mowing, Watch That First Step!
The warm winter we just enjoyed has led to an early lawn mowing season. With that first mowing session of the season comes the realization that there is much more than grass in your yard. Somehow a neighbor's dog has made its way into your yard and made a deposit or two.
Hannibal Among USA Today’s ‘Most Picturesque Towns’
It's always nice to see a local community receive recognition from a national publication. This week, USA Today published Idyllic America: Picturesque towns in each state, a photo gallery featuring one picturesque town for each state in the country. Hannibal was chosen to re…
Are You Ready to be Taxed on The Miles Your Drive?
There was a story aired on KHQA Wednesday night regarding the potential to have a tax levied on the amount of miles you drive.  The state of Oregon drivers, according to an article in a recent USA Today newspaper, could get a taste of what the future may hold for the rest of us. They will pay t…
Quincy a Finalist for ‘Best of the Road’ Contest
The votes are in and the next phase of the Best of the Road Contest is about to begin for all the finalist cities, of which Quincy is one! The Mayor's office sent out a news release today thanking everyone who voted for the City of Quincy in the past weeks.
What is The T.S.A. Thinking?
Today marks my first day back from a short vacation to Spring Training in the Sunshine State, which is appropriately named. When I travel I always seem to have things happen to me that doesn't seem to happen to others. Today's blog will be the first of a series of blogs related to the airl…
What State is The Healthiest?
In a story in yesterday's USA Today, Americans are living longer, with fewer deaths from heart disease and cancer, but more chronic illnesses, troubling levels of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and sedentary behavior are causes for concern. Medical advances are allowing more p…
Who Does These Surveys?
During the 7am hour this morning I mentioned that the USA Today, a reputable news outlet, reported that dogs in America collectively create 10-million tons of dog poop annually. The paper also reported that 40% of Americans don't pick up after their dogs.