Y101 Looks Back at “The Storm” (One Year Later)
Today, July 13, marks the one-year anniversary of the devastating 70+ mph windstorm that ripped through Quincy just before 7:00 pm leaving a wave of destruction in its path and leaving the vast majority of Quincy and Adams County without power.
Listen to Tuesday’s Press Conference on Storm Cleanup in Quincy
Quincy residents continue to recover from an intense thunderstorm that passed through the area on Monday evening. Thousands have been without power, many roads are impassable and several businesses are closed. Mayor Kyle Moore and emergency management officials held a press conference at noon on Tue…
Hannibal Storm Damage [Photo Gallery]
On May 20, 2013, straight-line winds from severe storms resulted in significant damage to homes and businesses in Hannibal. Marion County Emergency Management Director John Hark estimated that "most" of the city, perhaps as much as 80%, was affected in some way by the storm. Power was out …

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