St. Louis

If We Gain Sky West, Could We Lose an Amtrak Train?
By now you have heard that the City of Quincy is reviewing options for air service for Quincy. Basically, it came down to Sky West or Boutique Airlines. The initial choice was Boutique Air but the City Council had second thoughts and has recommended Sky West to the U.S. Department of Transportation …
UPDATE on The Voice Auditions in St. Louis
About a month ago we told you about The Voice holding auditions in the City that Never Sleeps... St. Louis. Which is practically our backyard (especially if you have a north facing house). At the time of the announcement, they hadn't secured a venue for the auditions...
Who Won Last Night’s Debate? (POLL)
As expected it got nasty last night in the Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both were accused of lying several times in the spectacle witnessed by some 85 million Americans from Washington University in St. Louis...
Here are The Best Places to Celebrate Easter
With Easter Sunday arriving this Sunday roughly 80 percent of all Americans are expected to observe the holiday in some way according to the personal finance website WalletHub who has put together a list of the best and worst cities for Easter Celebrations.

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