Sarah Deien

How About a Good Joke for a Rainy Day?
As we all watch rain falling this weekend in the area, what better time than now to hear a good joke? That's what I thought when I told a joke about a mime working at a zoo to my co-host Sarah Deien.
Sarah Deien’s Dilemma, ‘To Scratch or Not to Scratch?’
It is funny how things just happen at the wrong time although there never is a good time for some things to happen.  Such was the case for my co-host Sarah Deien. A couple of weeks ago she was planning to go on vacation with her family when all of a sudden her washing machine just stopped worki…
This is How ‘Alexa’ Got Her Name!
So the other day Sarah Deien and I were discussing downloading the Y101 skill to your "Alexa"-enabled device so you can listen to Y101 all the time!It got me to wondering why they chose the name "Alexa".

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