Quincy Public Schools

Jim Wosman is a Man You Should Get to Know!
He's a father, a grandfather, a coach, a groundskeeper and a friend. He's Jim Wosman. If you have ever been to a Quincy Gems game, you undoubtedly have seen him working the field into tip top shape for the game that night. He is there early in the morning cutting grass and late at nig…
Kroc Offers Day Camp During QPS Strike
In response to this morning’s announcement that the Quincy Public School teachers are going on strike beginning next Tuesday, the Salvation Army Kroc Center has announced a “School’s Out Day Camp” as a much-needed alternative to finding a l…
What Happens to QPS Students?
If you have a child attending QPS, I am sure that you are paying close attention to the appending teachers strike; I know I am. All attention has been focused on the meetings of QPS officials and union reps, but no one has said anything about what happens to the students.
Teachers and Quincy School District Still at Odds
There is another meeting tonight to avert a potential teacher strike in the Quincy Public School System. The Teachers Union wants a 1.45 percent salary increase for teachers, faculty and staff.  The School District is offering a 1.3 percent salary increase for all union employees.

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