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The Top Ten Reasons Gas Prices Went Up Again
I am sure you noticed the price of a gallon of gas took a huge leap this week. There is always some lame excuse as to why when this happens. So instead of listening to them, I have come up with my own top 10 reasons why gas prices went up.
Should We Use Military Action Against Syria?
Members of Congress will open debate this week on a military strike against Syria this week. Tuesday President Obama will make his case to begin military operations against Syria to the American people with a nationwide speech.
Today Should Be National Bracket Day
Ok the deadline was 11 am central time for everyone in America to get their NCAA Basketball bracket turned in. It should be a national holiday. There are bracket contests going on everywhere including here on our webpage.
Post Election Thoughts
There were some happy people and some sad people this morning after the election totals revealed that President Obama won re-election last night. No matter what side of the fence you were on, you must be thankful that you had a chance to select your leader. How many places in the world are people st…
Obama vs. Romney Round Two Tonight, Pizza Anybody?
We are now within shouting distance of the November 6th election and shouting just might happen tonight as President Obama and his challenger, Mitt Romney meet in the second of three Presidential debates. Tonight's will take place on Long Island, New York.