The Big Dog Hits It ‘Big’ With Powerball
So there I was contemplating just what I would do if I won the $700+ million Powerball drawing last night. All kinds of things were going through my head with thoughts of cash everywhere when it happened. I watched intently as they were reading off one number at a time on TV when I realized I had th…
The Top Ten Reasons Gas Prices Went Up Again
I am sure you noticed the price of a gallon of gas took a huge leap this week. There is always some lame excuse as to why when this happens. So instead of listening to them, I have come up with my own top 10 reasons why gas prices went up.
Got Your Powerball Ticket Yet?
Here we are again with a Powerball jackpot worth over $550 million.  Every time we get one of these monster jackpots people go crazy trying to buy up tickets in an attempt to win it.  I must admit, I only buy a ticket when the jackpot gets up there like it is today.
The Big Dog is Gonna Be a Powerball Winner
With no Powerball winner Saturday night the Powerball frenzy will kick into high gear in the 42 states that play the game leading up to Wednesday's drawing. It is estimated that Wednesday's jackpot will reach $425 million which would be the most in  the game's history.