So Now You Know How Pepsi Got Its Name
It is funny when we mention names of products or companies we never really ask the question "How did they come up with that name?" It got me to thinking about some very popular products and company names out there and how they were actually named.
Say It With PepsiMoji Kick Off Concert featuring Southern Halo
In association with Refreshment Services Pepsi, we're proud to welcome Southern Halo to Quincy's Madison Park on Tuesday, July 12th at 7:00 pm for a free concert to kick-off the "Say It With #PepsiMoji" Summer Promotion! Come on out to the concert, enjoy some great tunes,…
Top 10 Reasons Why We Need to Leave the Clocks Alone
This Sunday we mess with the clocks again as we “Fall Back” one hour into Standard Time. So at 2am Sunday we move the clocks to 1am and repeat the hour.  Most of us will be sleeping so we actually will gain an hour sleep which is the hour we lost last March. It would…
Quincy in Close-Up: Pepsi Sign
The Pepsi Sign
The Pepsi sign and clock, atop the Refreshment Services Pepsi building, was built in 1961. It was originally located on the west corner of the building, but was moved to its current location on the southeast corner.
The sign has been rebuilt numerous times...