Quincy Gems Go After the Prospect League Championship
With a chance to capture the Prospect League Championship last night with a victory, the Quincy Gems came up on the short side of a 7 to 2 score at the hands of the Chillicothe Paints in Ohio. That loss now sets up a winner takes all scenario tonight as the two teams play the decisive game three.
There’s Musical History Associated With December 4
Today is somewhat of a historical day in the music business with several events having taken place over the years on December 4. For instance, back in 1927 Duke Ellington and his Orchestra made their first appearance at the Cotton Club in Harlem in New York.
Just What is “Fracking”?
Last week the State of Vermont became the first state to ban ”Fracking”. That’s right......... fracking. Just what is fracking?  Well I had to ask the question myself. So I did a little research and found out that