Champ Clark Bridge to Close October 13 Through October 17
Beginning October 13, the Champ Clark Bridge over the Mississippi River at Louisiana, Missouri will be closed for repairs. The Missouri Department of Transportation reports the crews will be working on replacing bridge expansion joints among other things. They expect the bridge to be closed through …
Missouri 79 is Now Open North of Clarksville
Missouri Route 79 is now OPEN between Louisiana and Clarksville after being closed due to flooding of the Mississippi River. Route 79 south of Clarksville still remains closed at this time. MoDOT crews have will continue to monitor River levels...
MoDOT Launches Enhanced Pothole Patrol
So your going down the road and all of a sudden you feel a big bump in the road. This is not your ordinary bump. It is larger and more distructive to your car. This pothole is huge. Don't worry, MoDOT is on it.
A Snowy Start to 2014 [Audio]
Four to five inches of snow New Years evening and overnight will slow motorists this morning. MODOT reports major highways in northeast Missouri are snow covered or partially snow covered early this morning. Roads in Adams County and most of western Illinois are also reported as snow covered. The sn…

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