“American Pickers” Want Your Stuff!
Looks like the American Pickers are coming to Missouri looking for your old junk (or as they call it on the show, “rusty gold”) and a few good stories to tell. I imagine a few of you reading this have both of those things!
They’re currently scoping out loca…
The Oldest Restaurants by State
Here's something I've never really thought about, but it's pretty neat. ThrillList.com has done a bunch of research and tracked down the oldest continuously operating restaurants for each state, and Washington D.C.
Strange Town Names in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa
There are a lot of strange places in America, and there are a lot of weird town names. Maybe you've heard of Intercourse, Pennsylvania? What about Santa Claus, Indiana, Hell, Michigan or Friendly, West Virginia? Every state has at least a handful of town names that raise eyebrows. Here are a fe…

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