Which of the Tri-States Has the Rudest Drivers?
Insure.com has decided to rank the "rudest drivers" in America. They've taken into account all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Between Illinois, Missouri and Iowa, our area drivers are all over the map on this list. One state ranks as pretty rude, one is right dead …
Long John Silver’s Closes in Quincy
For the second time in four months a restaurant chain has closed up shop.This time it is Long John Silver's at 30th and Broadway, a business that has been in Quincy since the 1970's. This closing comes on the heels of TGI Friday's closing its doors in late May of this year.
What Are the Most Educated Cities in the Tri-States?
A new survey has ranked the 150 largest metropolitan areas in America from most educated to least educated. I'll be honest, in a million years I would have never guessed any of the Top 5, though I might have been able to guess the cities in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri that ranked the highest.
Check Out the ‘Wealthiest Americans By State’
Movoto has compiled an interesting new interactive map which lists the wealthiest Americans by state. Interestingly, I had never heard of most of these people, and was a little surprised to see the local results for Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.

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