Strange Town Names in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa
There are a lot of strange places in America, and there are a lot of weird town names. Maybe you've heard of Intercourse, Pennsylvania? What about Santa Claus, Indiana, Hell, Michigan or Friendly, West Virginia? Every state has at least a handful of town names that raise eyebrows. Here are a fe…
Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Jim Mentesti, retired president of the Great River Economic Development Foundation; Ray Shortridge, founder of Shortridge Construction Company; and the late Robert Tracy, founder of Dot Foods, will be inducted into the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce's Annual Meeting and Business Hall of Fame.
Five Reasons to Move to Quincy
With a population over 40,000, Quincy is the perfect size for someone who wants to maintain a low-key lifestyle, but wants services that a big city can provide. There's plenty to like about Quincy. Here are some of the top reasons to live in the Gem City.
2015 Young Arts Show
The 2015 Young Arts show is a fundraiser for Quincy Teen REACH, the only Teen REACH open in the state. There will be arts, crafts and more!
“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”
Come watch "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" at the Crossroads Center dining room in Pittsfield. Laugh at the chaos and be touched by a group of children who are just learning about Jesus and His birth.

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