Illinois River

It’s Time to Build a Canal from Meredosia to Quincy
Having grown up in New York State, I lived literally on the Erie Canal in Rome, New York.  It’s a canal that connects the Hudson River at Albany, New York with Lake Erie at Buffalo, New York. It runs some 363 miles through central New York State. The concept to build the canal came in 1807 and const…
Asian Carp in the Mississippi River May Have Met Their Match
If you spend any time on the Mississippi River you have had to deal with Asian Carp that have invaded the Mississippi River with a vengeance. The aggressive Asian Carp have harmed the eco-system of the river and have competed fiercely with the native fish of the river for food diminishing the popula…
The Illinois River to the Rescue?
Well, it's been a few weeks since I mentioned the low levels of the Mississippi River being a problem for shipping especially south of the St. Louis area.  It's so bad that the Army Corps of Engineers is overseeing rock blasting in the channel of the river south of the Gateway City.