Gus Macker

You CAN Make it Happen!
How many of you have seen an event elsewhere and have said we need to have that in Quincy. I bet most of you have had that thought over the years. So why not make it happen?
It’s the End of 2014, Where Did the Year Go?
Happy New Year! Where did the year go? I cannot believe we are celebrating a new year arriving already. Wasn't it just March and the St. Patrick's Parade? Wasn't it just Gus Macker time in May? Wasn't it just July with fireworks going off at the Quincy Gems game? Wasn't it just the last Blues in the…
Sign Up For Quincy Gus Macker Online
The annual Gus Macker basketball tournament will take place in Quincy May 24 - 25. Registration is open for teams interested in competing in the tournament, which will be held on the streets around Washington Park.
Parents, Set The Example Please!
Having witnessed parents in action in the last few days at Gus Macker, it came as no surprise to hear of parents yelling out "colorful" words during the recent Quincy Senior High School Graduation Ceremony.

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