I Tried Golfing For The First Time (Here’s What Happened)
I've always wanted to try golfing and before last summer, I had never picked up a club before (besides a rubber coated mini golf putter, that is). Well I FINALLY got a chance to try out my new clubs at the KC driving range this week. And as it turns out, I'm no Tiger Woods.
One-Armed Five-Year-Old CRUSHES Little People’s Clinic
This is Tommy Morrissey. He's five, he has only a left arm, and he will destroy you on the golf course. Here he is at the Knights of Columbus driving range doing his best impersonation of Bubba Watson and Tiger Woods as part of the Little People's Golf Tournament...
Getting Kids in Quincy Started With the Game of Golf
Quincy's annual Little Peoples Golf Tournament took place earlier in the month. Anyone golfer that has children can tell you that it's not the easiest sport to get young kids involved in. If you take your kids at the wrong time of day, you'll spend more time letting others play through than you will…