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The Week in Videos: August 22, 2014
Even with all the great ice bucket challenge videos for ALS this week, one things remains true... animals still make for great video action. Let's look at a few of this weeks best.
The Best Videos of the Week
As a part of my job, I search daily for videos that will make people laugh or think or are at the very least... interesting. They aren't always new videos, but they're new to me, and maybe you too. Here are a few favorites from this weeks searches.
10 Painfully Hilarious Mascot Fails
It's surprisingly rough being a mascot these days. Sure, they're the awesome side entertainment at sporting events, but that puts a heck of a lot of pressure on them. Think about it-- mascots are constantly forced to cartwheel on ledges, do backflips in front of thousands of people and jus…