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The 28th Annual Teddy Bear Clinic is This Sunday
Twenty-eight years ago I took my 6-year-old daughter to the Peoria Zoo and, as chance would have it, one of the Peoria hospitals was holding a stuffed animal day at the Zoo. Little did I know 28 years later, the idea that I brought back to Quincy would still be flourishing.
The 27th Annual Teddy Bear Clinic is This Sunday
The 27th Annual Teddy Bear Clinic will be held this Sunday afternoon from noon to 3 p.m. at Blessing Hospital's main entrance. As the founder of this event 27 years ago, the staff at Blessing Riemann College of Nursing was kind enough to name one of two new gigantic Teddy Bears after me last year.  …
Polar Plunge a Huge Success [Photo Gallery]
I am always amazed at why people would like to plunge into a freezing body of water yet they do it year after year.  They did it again this past Saturday for the 9th consecutive year with the Polar Plunge to raise monies for the Special Olympians in West Central Illinois.
Teddy Bear Clinic a Huge Success
The 24th Annual Teddy Bear Clinic was held yesterday at Blessing Hospital and it was a huge success. According to officials at Blessing Rieman College of Nursing over 300 youngsters and parents came by the 3 hour event.
DOT Foods Steps Up To The Plate Again!
It is well documented the shortages food pantries are experiencing not only in this area but also around the country and the world as well. Well, once again, when there is a need DOT Foods stepped up to the plate (no pun intended).

Photo By: Scott Olson/Getty Images
It was recently announced that Quin…