The Unwritten Rules of College
Believe it or not, we are right around the corner from starting up college classes for the fall semester. Do you know these rules that will keep you on top of things this year?
A Few Things to Consider for Incoming College Students
College is amazing. In fact, I like it so much that I will be entering the fifth year of my undergraduate degree this fall. And with four years already under my belt, here are some things to consider before you or someone you know enters the collegiate world.
A College Student’s Guide to Quincy
As a current college student, I am always looking for the best new thing in town: the coolest new restaurant, the best late night spot to grab a couple drinks (if you're over 21, of course), even the best place to go and kill a couple hours during the day. After many hours spent just driving around …
Intriguing Community Education Classes You Can Take in Quincy
There's no limit to education. Even after the days of riding the school bus to school, you can still find ways to learn in a classroom as an adult, or as a kid who wants to expand their horizons. Over the years, John Wood Community College in Quincy has offered lessons you probably didn't get in mid…