Do You Remember the Pet Rock Craze? Here’s How it Started
The year was 1975. The place was a bar in Los Gatos, California. That is where a struggling 38-year-old freelance writer by the name of Gary Dahl was enjoying his favorite beverage when the conversation turned to pets and all the work it is to have them. What happened next is beyond belief.
Have You Ever Waited In Line For A Very Long Time?
Thanksgiving is two weeks away. Which means we're also two weeks away from Black Friday. Even thought it's still two weeks away, two California women are in line at a Best Buy in Beaumont,California just to get a great deal on a television.
There’s Musical History Associated With December 4
Today is somewhat of a historical day in the music business with several events having taken place over the years on December 4. For instance, back in 1927 Duke Ellington and his Orchestra made their first appearance at the Cotton Club in Harlem in New York.

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