Bayview Bridge

Fireworks Display in Quincy Belongs on the Riverfront (Poll)
Two years ago, the Bayview Bridge lighting ceremony in Quincy was quite a sight to see. Thousands of people were on hand to witness the colors being turned on during a fireworks display which took place as well. This writing though is not about the bridge lighting, but it is about the fireworks.
The West Quincy Levee Break Took Place 23 Years Ago Today
If you were around Quincy 23 years ago today, you probably know where you were when you heard the news that the levee in West Quincy failed to hold back the mighty Mississippi River. We all knew when it happened because the news and the river spread like wildfire. What we didn't know at the time was…
Memorial Bridge in Quincy is Now Closed for Repairs
Motorists crossing the Mississippi River at Quincy will do so over the Bayview Bridge for the next few months as structural work begins on the Memorial Bridge today.  The Illinois Department of Transportation closed off access to the Memorial Bridge this morning at 10:30 re-routing traffic to t…
Quincy’s 9-11 Display Needs to be Re-Located
The memory of 9-11 is fading for most people and that is unfortunate.  It is an event that we should never, ever forget. One way to keep that from happening is to remind people of what took place.  For people in Quincy and the surrounding area stopping by the 9-11 artifact located in the Quincy City…
Bayview Bridge Visibility Needs Improvement
On August 22 the City of Quincy, as part of their 175th Anniversary, illuminated the Quincy Bayview Bridge with spectacular colors in front of thousands of people on the Riverfront. Now the purpose of doing so is for people to enjoy viewing the different colors when they enter the City of Quincy fro…
Quincy’s Bayview Bridge Lighting Set For August 22
Lighting the Bayview Bridge has been talked about for decades, and it looks like it will happen this summer as part of the City of Quincy’s 175th Anniversary celebration. August 22 is the target date for the City of Quincy to light the Bayview Bridge from dusk to dawn.

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