How Much Would A Cubs World Series Ticket Cost?
I’ve already made my baseball postseason predictions and I’ve posed the question of whether Cardinals fans (my people) should root for the Chicago Cubs—a poll that, as of this writing, is “too close to call”.
But at the risk of becomin…
Sunday Was a Historical Day in Baseball
Both the Quincy Gems and the Hannibal Cavemen are playing on the road. For the Cavemen they return home Tuesday to meet Springfield.The next home game for the Gems is Wednesday when they host the Cavemen.   As you watch those games this week, think about the rules of this great game.
The 7 Best Baseball Games (That You Can Go to for Free)!
So as you may have heard, y101 is sending one lucky baseball fan and a guest to any Major League game in the continental United States (sorry, Toronto) from June 1 to June 29. That is 383 games to choose from! Not a bad deal at all!
And seeing as though I work here and all and thus am ineligible to w…
Time to Get Ready to Watch Local College Baseball
The four local university or college baseball teams are in full swing with early games being played on the road in southern locales.  As the weather warms here the teams will return home.  With that said, if you are chomping at the bit to watch some college baseball, here are the home opening dates …

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