A few months ago we were discussing starting a new segment for the morning show dealing with weddings, anniversaries and jewelry. From those discussions came "Marry Me Monday" which has been airing for several weeks now.  

It airs on Monday mornings at 7:25 and it features Sheri Busse, the owner of Emerald City Jewelers, and me. We discuss the latest topics in the jewelry business and what's going on at Emerald City Jewelers since they are the sponsor of the program.

We also take a moment to read a story submitted to us by a listener each week. It can be an engagement, wedding or anniversary story and we do not use any names. If we use a submitted story on the air we will award that person a gift card from Emerald City Jewelers for allowing us to do so.

We could always use more stories, so if you know of a story about a wedding you were at, an engagement that took place or an anniversary that took place, send it to us. Who knows, we may use your story this Monday.