I came across a story about people wanting to be close to their beloved deceased pets and found it very interesting.  People are actually wanting to be buried with their pet, not in a human cemetery, but in the pet's cemetery.

You might wonder why someone would want to do that? Well, it comes down to two things.  A love for one's pet (who is a family member to many) and the other is finances. In Texas for instance, the idea is catching on as people there are snapping up cemetery plots for themselves with increased regularity.

A human cemetery plot costs on the average of $8000 while a plot in the pet cemetery runs about $300.  The one catch is , you have to be cremated to be interned in the pet cemetery.

I guess I wouldn't mind being buried with my beloved "Boagie". That dog loved me as much as I did him. I guess our tombstone would read  "Here lies two dogs...Boagie and Big".

So the question I have for you is, would you be buried in a pet cemetery and what would your tombstone say?