With summer finally arriving tomorrow morning, it is definitely time to fire up those barbeque grills in the area. For many, using the grill is simply for hot dogs or hamburgers but for others, there are a variety of other options out there.

We were talking about this same subject in the office the other day and everything from eggs to turkeys have been cooked by our staff on a grill.  It got me to thinking about just how many other things are "grilled" out there on one's barbeque cooker.   I bet its good no matter what it is.

I know the food we serve up at our Y101 Back Yard BBQ from Riverside Smokehouse is outstanding.  We will be serving it up again in Canton at Martin Park from 5 to 7 one week from today.

So just what is your favorite thing to grill during the summer?  Let us know. I'm hungry already.