It is becoming a nationwide epidemic. The misuse or stealing of prescription drugs.
That was the reason for a recent event held at the Quincy Police Department Sub-Station at the Quincy Mall. On Saturday, April 28th, the Quincy Police Department partnered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to hold another drug take back event which was done nationally as well. Blessing Hospital nurses also participated as a part of National Nurses Week. The local participation was tremendous according to Officer Kelly Vandermaiden of the Q.P.D. and the event was considered a great success. In just 4 hours, over 266 pounds of unused medications were collected at the Quincy site. In all, 33 agencies in the DEA's Central Illinois Region participated in this event and collected over 4,300 pounds of medication. The misuse of prescription drugs has led to many problems including death for some people. Hats off to the Quincy Police Department and Blessing Hospital for holding such an important event. I venture to guess that everyone who reads this today can say that they still have outdated prescriptions at home. When these drugs get into the wrong hands, even your own, nothing good can happen. Discard them immediately or wait for the next drug take back event to remove them.
If you have any questions, contact the Pro-Act Office at the Quincy Police Department at 228-4485.