Multi-talented singer and actress Selena Gomez is doing things the right way.

Selena isn't out twerking for the world to see or shaving her head in some bizarre meltdown. She isn't doing any crazy thing she can think of to get attention and these days that's not only refreshing but also admirable.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

She isn't doing anything extreme to shed her Disney Channel background because she seems to understand that growing up as a person and as an artist doesn't mean you have to be ashamed of your past on television shows for kids. Selena seems to 'get it' in realizing that her fans will respect her more in the long run for making respectable music, than trying to grab tabloid headlines. Sure, she may not be as famous as Miley or Britney, but I bet there won't come a time when she has a hard time sleeping at night because of how she's led her career. I bet she'll never feel embarrassed by anything the public has seen. I bet her family members are glad they don't have to defend her actions to the media. Heck she even scored a big hit with a song about empowering young girls to believe in themselves and shut out those who put them down with her single 'Who Sez.' It was the kind of song you WANT your kids to listen to AND it sounded hip enough that those 'kids' liked it too.

A couple of years ago I predicted that one day Selena Gomez would grace People Magazine's 'Most Beautiful People' issue. That hasn't happened yet but I still think she would be a fine choice one day. Not just because she's easy on the eyes but because she's easily respected and admired by anyone paying attention. The music world and celeb world in general could use more like her.

That said, yes the video for her new song is a little on the sexy side... but not in a gratuitous way. Not in a way that makes a parent stop and ask their kids what the heck they're watching. I mean... she isn't even swinging around on a wrecking ball without her clothes on. She's simply not a little kid anymore.

Our New Music 101 spotlight this week is on Selena's new song 'Slow Down.' Give it a spin then tell us what you think below.