When you head to the Quincy Public Library and look at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary you may ask yourself "did they go too far"? The newest edition of the dictionary has expanded by a few new words over the last edition and one of those words is-"F-Bomb".

That's right, "F-Bomb" as been added along with "Bucket List", "Earworm", "Mash-Up", Gastropub", "Cloud Computing", Man Cave", and "Sexting".

I may be showing my age here but I know the meaning of only five of those words. The other four, I have no idea what they mean. In case you are wondering, they are "Mash-Up", "Gastropub" and "Cloud Computing".

So, if you see me out someplace please pull me aside and fill me in. I guess I could just get a copy of the new dictionary and look it up. My God, that's a novel idea!  Go to a book, turn the pages and read the meaning of a word?  When is the last time that happened?

Do you think "F-Bomb" should be included?