When I was a kid there was always a concern that someday Martians will invade our planet and wipe out us earthlings. There were plenty of  so called U.F.O.s spotted then too which made it even more intriguing to believe there just might be Martians out there. All this came back to my mind when the Mars Rover "Curiosity" landed on Mars late Sunday night or early Monday morning depending on where you live. So far no pictures of Martians or anything like that, just a Starbucks (just kidding). As a kid, there were plenty of comic books, and even movies about extra-terrestrials visiting Earth.  Once such movie was called "The Day the Earth Stood Still".  It was about a flying saucer landing on Earth and taking people with them back to wherever (Mars?). I was just about 5 or 6 when I saw that movie and believe me, I couldn't sleep for about a week afraid I would be taken right out of bed by a Martian.  Obviously, we have never seen any Martians, but how ironic it is that instead of us being invaded by Mars we actually invaded them first. Invaded might be the wrong word but if a flying saucer landed between Hannibal and Quincy today, you can bet we would think we were "invaded" even if the Martians were just doing the same thing we are.  Looking for answers. Hats off to NASA for a 9 year project that has had a successful culmination. Too bad it has received so little recognition for its accomplishment. The Earth might not have stood still Sunday night, but I did.