We get requests all the time to play certain songs and that is great, we love to do that. We have other duties to do as well such as interviews, news stories and general announcements that we have to take care of during our program.

But, I love playing the songs. And I have noticed something throughout the years that I have been in radio. Girls love 80's songs. Why is that? Are they easy to sing along with? Do they make you want to get up and dance all night long? The 80's had a bunch of great songs. They bring back many memories. Maybe that is it.

You remember great songs. You remember where you were at and what you were doing when a song you liked came on the radio. Music is a powerful thing. Music can make you happy, sad, frisky, hungry,thirsty,wealthy,broke,sleepy,awake,married,divorced,itchy,wet,hot,cold.....I think you get the idea.

Go have some fun this weekend.