This sounds fair, what rules do you play by?

A young fellow walks into the golf clubhouse looking to play a round of golf. The golf pro said, "there's a young lady about to play on the first tee, why not join up with her?"

The young man asked the beautiful young lady if he could join her and she replied, "of course." They were having a great time together when they walked on to the 18th green and the young lady had a 20-foot putt for a birdie, and the young man had a 25-foot putt for a birdie.

As the young fellow was about to putt he looked up at the young lady and said, "you know, I've had a great time today. If I make this 25-foot putt for my birdie I'll take you out to the finest restaurant in town and we can go out dancing after that."

He putts the 25-footer, and plunk! Right in the middle of the cup for the birdie.

The young lady walked up to her putt and stopped and said to the young man, "if I make this 20-foot putt for birdie, after we dine and dance, we can head over to my place."

As she goes to putt the young man yells, "hold it! That's a gimme, pick it up."