It turns out there are a lot of reasons to become a regular customer at certain places.


A group of ladies who were in the same class in school met up for a reunion every 10 years.

When they were in their 30s they went to the Ocean Grill because the waiters were so handsome and sexy.

When they were 40 they went to the same restaurant because it was near the weight loss clinic they all attended.

When they were 50 the again chose the Ocean Grill because the view of the sea was unparalleled.

When they were 60 the Ocean Grill had to be their old haunt because the menu had easy to chew dishes.

When they were 70 the Ocean Grill was ideal because of its wheelchair accessibility.

And then when they turned 80 they went to the Ocean Grill because...they thought that they'd never been there before!