This is my favorite time of year when we can visit another town and eat some great food.

Of course I am talking about the Y101 Backyard Barbecues, a tradition around here since 1993. These Backyard Barbecues are fun because of the people we get to see and talk with. We have met many people through the years, and wherever we go with these things people love the prizes, the fun and of course the great food that we serve. But come early, because the food goes fast. So do the prizes!

Please come and join us at the next Y101 Backyard Barbecue when we travel to Palmyra, Missouri on June 26 for food the fun. There is always a big crowd in Palmyra when we come into town. From young to old, you are invited to the next Y101 Backyard Barbecue in Palmyra on June 26.

Kurt Parsons