Yes, it is hot right now, but September is on its way, which means fall-like weather.

We have been dealing with the heat the past few weeks with high humidity that makes you want to sweat like a pig, but fall is coming, which means lower temps and lots of leaves to rake.

The "boys of fall" are on the football field, and as of now every team has a chance to win. As the warm temps start to go away, so do the guys who fall back in the football standings. With hit after hit on the field, some teams keep on playing while others fall back in the standings. But I say, keep on playing, keep on trying, even if you are in the back of the pack in the standings. You are doing something that you love. You love the game. So don't give up. Football is not only a game but a life lesson. Sometimes you make the catch, other times you don't. And these four years of high school football could be the best time of your life, so play like there is no tomorrow because it all goes by way too fast.