I live going to a county fair. Friendly people, the food is great and girls in boots!

Yes. Girls in boots. Everyone from the small to the big goes to the fair. It is a once-a-year thing where you get together and talk about the corn, the beans ... and the girls in boots.

I am going up to the Lewis County Fair today to do some live broadcasting and to eat some of the best food to be found anywhere. Just check out Dotties stand at the Lewis County Fair. That is good eating!

Tonight is Demolition Derby Night at the Lewis County Fair. The cars and trucks get loud and, so do the fair goers. They just can not get enough of this stuff. And to think, at one time, I thought  about driving in a demo derby car, but when I saw one of the cars catch on fire, that kind of got me out of the mood.

The thing is, when you go to the fair, you get to talk to people you have not seen in a while. And I think is that what a fair is all about, good food, good cowgirls in boots, and great conversation.

Come by and say "hello" during the fair!

Russ Ensley