Horizons could use your help in assisting the disadvantaged in the City of Quincy.

Sarah Stephens from Horizons Social Services of Adams County, Inc. says the organization tries to meet the personal and community needs of the disadvantaged and destitute in Quincy. Horizons also attempts to serve as a communication facilitator between area churches and social providers.

Sarah says Horizons meets its objectives, primarily, through three programs:

  1. The Quincy Soup Kitchen
  2. The Quincy Transitional Work Program
  3. The Horizons Clothes Closet

The Quincy Soup Kitchen serves approximately 70 meals per day, five days per week. The Quincy Transitional Work Program employs, intensively mentors and comes alongside individuals with criminal records who are seeking positive change in their lives. The Horizons Clothes Closet provides clothing of all types for people of all ages.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Quincy Soup Kitchen, they first ask you to contact the local church where you worship to find out if there is a day of the week when your church is already working there. If your church is not volunteering at Horizons, but you think they would like to do so, contact Horizons Social Services online, or by phone at 217-224-5530.