The Dogwood Festival Block parties will be held May 2, throughout the City of Quincy. Fourteen block parties were reported to Y101.  

All 14 parties will receive barricades to close off streets by the Central Services Department. Those barricades will be placed at the curbs of the intersections involved. The block party hosts are responsible to put the barricades up for their party to begin and then take them down when the party concludes.

The city allows you to close your street from 5 to 10 p.m. on May 2 once it is approved to do so by the City Council. That is usually just a formality and the council will vote on it Monday.

Y101 will visit 5 of those parties and that was determined in a drawing held on the air this morning. The locations of the Block Parties received by Y101 are listed below. The ones with an asterisk represent the parties Y101 will visit Friday night.

Kentucky from 14th to 15th

Bradmoor Street from 24th to Culdesac *

Fox Run West from 30th to 32nd

Payson from 8th to 9th and the Alley North of Payson  *

Whewell from 29th to 30th  *  

College from 28th to 30th   *

Cedar from 4th to 5th

13th and Spruce to Berrian Park   *

13th from Washington to Jefferson

Madison from 5th to 6th

Madison from 17th to 18th

North 2nd from Chestnut to Cherry

Payson from 8th to 9th

Woodland Trail from 46th to Quail Creek