Is the hands free cell phone law doing any good in Illinois?

More and more people I see who are on the road driving are talking on their phones. And they don't seem to care about it. And it seems to be all ages, teens, men, women... they just don't seem to care. I know the county, city and state police are doing what they can, but they can't be everywhere. If you do get caught driving with your phone to your ear, it will cost you $75. Should that rate be raised to around $100 or even $200? Would it do any good?

The hands free cell phone while driving in Illinois law went into effect on January 1, 2014. What does that mean for you? No cell phones while driving unless you are completely hands free. Many newer model cars are already Blue-tooth equipped and sync up to phones easily.  Bluetooth enabled speaker-phones are another option. They communicate with your phone and can be clipped to your car's sun visor. You can even buy mounting devices for your car's dashboard, windshield or console. And I am sure there's an app for one-touch dialing and voice-command features as well.

Save some money, and maybe your life. You can call any police department and get the low down on all of this. They will be happy to help you.

Lisa F. Young