How can we stop bullying? It seems like you hear of a bullying incident every day.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri has a plan. It's called Project Anti-Violence Program, or PAVE. This Anti-Violence Program has a focus on bullying prevention and intervention. PAVE is a no-cost program designed to educate, empower and assist young people, K - 12, in understanding and dealing with aggression and violence. PAVE will teach healthy relationship skills and help young people develop into strong and confident leaders.

Recently, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri brought TUF (Transform Ur Future) to Eugene Field Elementary School, with help from some students at Hannibal High School. TUF focuses on a trio of schools within a district: a high school combined with an elementary and a middle school that feed into that high school. The schools work together to implement PAVE and other Girl Scout anti-bullying programs.

Kurt Parsons