Today is Monday, the most-dreaded day of the week. Personally, I think people complain about Mondays a little more than is warranted. In fact, if you look hard enough, there are actually things about the first day of the work week that make it not-so-bad:

  1. Nothing has gone wrong...yet.
  2. 'The Following,' 8 p.m. on Fox
  3. You've forgotten about half of the stuff that you put off on Friday until Monday, which means you don't have to do them, after all.
  4. A built-in excuse for anything. You can make the biggest blunder in the history of blunders, and every single person in America will politely nod and excuse you if you say, "It's Monday." But Monday is the only day of the week that it works.
  5. It only comes once a week.

Happy Monday.