I was reading Sunday’s Quincy Herald Whig and came across a story about Chicago’s violent Saturday night and I got to thinking how nice it is to open your paper and not read about murders and other violent crime in our particular area.

Oh, we are not exempt of these crimes but on a regular basis we are. When there is a homicide or violent crime in this area it is “big” news. Not so for larger cities like Chicago where the news is a little better than it has been but it is still not good.

Believe it or not Chicago’s homicide total for the first four months of the year is down for the first time in a decade. There were 90 homicides in the Windy City this year and it marked the first time since 2005 that that total wasn’t over 100.

Despite those numbers, three more people were killed in Chicago last Saturday night and eleven people in all were shot in overnight violence.  Eleven people were shot in separate incidents.

Can you imagine that happening in Quincy? We truly are blessed that we have very few incidents like that here. Lets hope it stays that way.