Scott Gries, Getty Images

We all lost a television icon when the news came out over the weekend that Jean Stapleton passed away. You may not know her by her name but her TV name will be remembered forever.  "Edith Bunker" of All in the Family fame, "stifled" by time, passed away at the age of 90.  

It was Edith Bunker who really made All in the Family the show that it was holding the top spot in prime time television for some 5 consecutive years. Oh, Archie, played by Carroll O'Connor, was the main character on the show, but it was Edith who set Archie up for all the laughs. All in the Family without Edith who never have made it on CBS Television in the 70's.

I can remember my friends calling to see if I would join them on a Saturday night and I would tell them I would, but not until All in the Family was over. I still watch it on reruns whenever they rebroadcast the episodes.  I know exactly what Archie and Edith are going to do and what they are going to say having seen those episodes 10 or so times and I still find myself wiping tears out of my eyes from laughing so hard.

America has become way too sensitive for a show like All in the Family to be aired now. What a shame, because we all need to laugh at ourselves more.  There was nothing more enjoyable than a good hearty laugh made possible by Archie or Edith Bunker.

Both are gone now, but what they did in making America laugh will never be forgotten. Look out St. Peter, with Edith joining Archie your side will soon be hurting.