Ok, every once in a while I just sit back and take a deep breath to gather my thoughts. Then it’s off to reading more information about this or that.  Well, today I ran into this tidbit of information from the mother country, England.

Apparently, a study has been conducted in the United Kingdom and what they found is as remarkable as the fact that they even did a study on this subject. Are you ready for this? A study has been conducted on where birds poop and the conclusion is that birds like to do their droppings on red cars more than any other colored car. Those with green cars have the least amount of droppings to deal with.

Now, armed with this information, I have to wonder just who came up with this idea to study this topic in the first place.  Secondly, I’d like to disagree with its findings in that my car seems to be the target of many birds in the Y101 parking lot.  Just how much eating do these birds do anyway?  Perhaps that is the study that needs to be done. Hey go wash your car and see how long it takes!