If you were listening to Y101 at any point during this week’s Throwback Thursday, chances are high that you heard Michael Rose paying tribute to the late, great George Michael who passed away on Christmas Day at the age of 53. I lost count exactly, but I think there was a Wham or post-Wham song every hour until Lisa Paige took over around 7:00.

And it wouldn’t be George Michael day without arguably the best sax-riffed ballad of all time, Careless Whisper. Damn, that’s a good song. Just ask former A’s outfielder Josh Reddick.

Anyway, in listening to it in the office while doing …variations of this…I vaguely remembered a video from a few years back shot right here at the Quincy riverfront that heavily featured the timeless classic. After a big of digging (and a desperate plea to the video’s owner to make the video public) I found it!

Here we have a couple sitting on a bench, minding their own business and taking in the majestic views of the Bayview Bridge. Romantic, right? I thought so. When out of nowhere comes musician Darren Lillard of Kahoka (then a music student at Quincy University) armed with his alto saxophone (obviously).

Anyway, at this point you can probably see where this is going.

Darren blasts out the iconic melody and what happens next…well just see for yourself.

Awesome work Darren (and crew). Oh, and if you ever see me sitting on a bench, I like Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty.