One of our listeners and a guest will be traveling to the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico! Congratulations to our qualifiers for the 101 Days of Summer! 

On September 17, someone is going  to win the trip to Mexico! If your name is listed as a finalist, you will be getting a post card with details on what to do to win the trip. The winner and a guest will win seven beautiful nights at the Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar Resort in the Riviera Maya. Remember, the winner must be present to win, no substitutes will be allowed, and the winner is responsible for all taxes required. Official contest rules are at Y101.

Ronald Manera
Adam Fenton Quincy
Alan Vance Camp Point
Alex Coleman Quincy
Alice Smith La Grange
Althea Stroud Clayton
Amanda Crumrine Palmyra
Amanda Dedert Quincy
Amanda Manton Quincy
Amber Howe Quincy
Amber King Hannibal
Amy Kelley Quincy
Amy LeGrand Keokuk
Amy Mueller Quincy
Andrew Juette Quincy
Angela York Quincy
Angie Goeway Griggsville
Ann Gramke Quincy
Ann Reich Quincy
April Rohn Quincy
April Sinnock Quincy
Ashley Steadman Quincy
Barbara Lovelace Quincy
Bobbi Canavan Palmyra
Brad Genenbacher Golden
Brandi Dickson Quincy
Brandon Brown Quincy
Brenda Schneider Quincy
Brian Stone Maywood
Bridget Reich Quincy
Bruce Rose Hannibal
Cara C Bowman Hannibal
Cathe Grove Quincy
Charles Wheelock Quincy
Charlie Ledbetter Quincy
Charolette Homan Quincy
Chaz T Jaquess St. Charles
Cheri Meyer Quincy
Chris Altmix Quincy
Chris Vaughn Quincy
Christie Dickens Quincy
Christina Geise Quincy
Christina Zeiger New London
Chrystal Walden Palmyra
Chuck Hensley Quincy
Cindy Heck Quincy
Clara Schmidt Clayton
Claudia Lennon Hannibal
Connie Branstetter Clarence
Corey Lambert Hannibal
Crystal Coons Hannibal
Curtis Moore Quincy
Daisy Sanders Girard
Danie Hudson Hannibal
Daphne Simon Liberty
David Tournear Quincy
Dean Honziker Kahoka
Deb O'Dear Quincy
Debi Wooten New London
Dena Fritz Quincy
Denise Blackledge Quincy
Denise Clifton Palmyra
Diana Schmidt Liberty
Dinita Cooley Liberty
Donet Roberts Camp Point
Elaine Dion Carthage
Elizabeth Humke Loraine
Ellie Robbins Maywood
Eric Kasparie Quincy
Gail Ham Quincy
Gale Dedert Quincy
Gary Routh Maywood
Gerilnn Morrison Quincy
Glen Goodwin Knox City
Harold Ancell Mendon
Heather Duschinsky Quincy
Heather Riley Hannibal
Heidi Shaw Quincy
Indalesio Trevino Kingman
Jackie Dickson Quincy
James Buckman Hannibal
Jamie  Carroll Clayton
Jamie Mundth Quincy
Jane Bauer Rushville
Janet Griesbaum Maywood
Janet Janssen La Prairie
Janet Miller Frankford
Janet Reno Quincy
Janet Rush Fowler
Janet Standbridge Hannibal
Janice Weiland Canton
Janis Howe Hannibal
Jean Klauser Quincy
Jean Terry Quincy
Jeann Morrison Fowler
Jenn Gallaher Quincy
Jenni Gower Paloma
Jennifer Walker Quincy
Jenny Dean Quincy
Jenny Hilbert Hannibal
Jenny Myers Quincy
Jenny Terstriep Quincy
Jesse Nelson Quincy
Jessica Beck Camp Point
Jessica Carroll Hannibal
Jessica Loos Quincy
Jessica Webster Quincy
Joe Ingram Hannibal
Jolene Beaber Quincy
Jon Wear Quincy
Jonna Coons Hannibal
Judi Maas Quincy
Julie Bowen Quincy
Kathleen Grimsley Quincy
Kathy Ginster Quincy
Kathy McDonald Quincy
Kay Berry Liberty
Kaye Johns Canton
Kelsey Mann Quincy
Kent Anderson Quincy
Kim Glascock New London
Kim Jonston Hannibal
Krista Fainter Quincy
Krista Ferguson Quincy
Kristen Hanlin Quincy
Kristin Koenig Mendon
Laina Bremmer Hannibal
Lance Gronewold Ursa
Laura Lloyd Quincy
Laura Rheinecker Quincy
Laura Steinway Chatham
Leeann Beard Quincy
Lenny Weerts Quincy
Les Heffner Rushville
Leslie McGinley Quincy
Leslie Purvis Hannibal
Lezlie Meyer La Grange
Linda Dean Quincy
Linda Muder Liberty
Lindsay Leckbee Kirksville
Lindsey Cooley Camp Point
Lori  Eaton La Grange
Lori Lawson Quincy
Lori Merrell Canton
Lyndsay Smith Barry
Mandy Baze West Point
Marcia Clarke Quincy
Margo Walker New Canton
Marilyn Gerdes Warsaw
Mark Denning Argyle
Martha Holden Quincy
Mary Hensley Quincy
Mary Kay Leapley Liberty
Mary Schutte Augusta
Meg Griffith Hannibal
Megan Stone Quincy
Melissa Burgtorf Quincy
Melissa Gilmore Quincy
Melvina Stapp La Grange
Merle Simon Liberty
Merry Morrison Mendon
Michele Powell Good Hope
Michelle Field Liberty
Michelle Giboney Hannibal
Mike Murphy Hannibal
Missy Abernathy Quincy
Mollie Hoffman Quincy
Monica Ewing Quincy
Monica Mast Liberty
Nancy Lucie Basco
Nichole Wildrick Quincy
Nicole Hammock Quincy
Ordello Tasco Quincy
Pat Redman Payson
Patty Hunold New London
Peggy Kirkeeng Ewing
Peggy Ulm Quincy
Penny Welty Quincy
Phoebe Bradshaw New Canton
Regina Gottman Quinc
Renae Von Burg Quincy
Rexanne Griffeth Palmyra
Rich Simmons Ursa
Robert Hall Quincy
Robin Steinman Hannibal
Ron Eitel Fowler
Ryan Greving New London
Sahara Stapp Canton
Sandra Davis Quincy
Sandy Gallaher Quincy
Sandy Meany Maywood
Sarah Anderson Quincy
Scott Haden Quincy
Shawn Dryden Hannibal
Shayna Mundell Hannibal
Sheila Scholl Palmyra
Sheri Busse Quincy
Sherry Law Quincy
Stephanie DeWeese Quincy
Stephanie Ross New London
Stephen Selby Quincy
Sue Craft Liberty
Summer Thomas Quincy
Susan Wentura Quincy
Susie Lee Quincy
Tammy Martin Fowler
Tara Vedenhaupt Liberty
Teresa Ashley Quincy
Teresa Douglas Quincy
Terry Miller Hannibal
Terry Morrison II Quincy
Terry Priepot Quincy
Tessa Sullivan Camp Point
Theresa Stoll Mendon
Tim Shepherd Quincy
Timothy Frese Quincy
Tina Bartz Hannibal
Tisha Thomas Quincy
Tisha Winking Quincy
Toni Stone Maywood
Toni Walker Bowling Green
Wesley Leffert Quincy
Zack Hess Jefferson City


We want to thank Destination Travel, Iberostar Resorts and Apple Vacations for partnering with us once again for the 101 Days of Summer!